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DeluxPods™ Pro Black

42 Reviews

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  • #1 Rated Wireless Headset Designed for Comfort and Stability

  • 24-Hour Battery Life With Charging Case

  • New And Superior Design For a Better Listening Experience

    Works with Both Android and IOS


Noise Canceling

Immerse yourself in quality sound with these noise-cancelling headphones from DeluxPlay

Water Resistant

With a Brand new perfect fit design, DeluxPods are Water Resistant, Sweatproof, shock and drop resistant so you can be in control of your audio anywhere

Easy to Connect

Quickly connect to your smartphone, and everyday music becomes even more enjoyable.

Long Lasting Battery

6 hours of playback time and 2,000 hours of standby time


We want you to be 100% satisfied. That's why we offer a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not happy, send it back for a full refund on any of your orders. It's simple as that! We value customer satisfaction above anything else.

  • What’s New with the DeluxPods Pro?


Your DeluxPods Pro comes in 3 different sizes. Find the perfect fit for you and experience sound like you never have before.


The DeluxPlay Pro Headphones support wireless charging with its brand new technology. Enjoy true wireless


Piperine is a potent alkaloid found in black pepper that stops your body from excreting the compounds


The DeluxPods Pro Deliver Aduio Transparency mode as well as a pressure equalizer using the vent system.

  • Testimonials & Happy Customers

Warner K.

The DeluxPodsPro have an ultracompact, lightweight, noise-isolating and sweatproofdesign that fits more ears securely and delivers better bass and overall sound than therest. Their active noise-canceling significantly reduces ambient noise and they have atransparency mode to let in sound.

Tony A. 

Absolutely Incredible! first of all I'm blown away at the noise cancellation. for thesize of the DeluxPods the noise reduction is absolutely astonishing and blows mymind... it works like magic! asolutely have no complaints about the DeluxPod pros. itsounds a lot better than all other headphones.

Kenny B. 

Simply amazing. These tiny little pods are packed full of features.Noise cancellation issuperb. They do a great job of de-pressurising so you don't even know you have themin.Transparency mode is great, you can continue to listen to your music and have aconversation with the person next to you. It's almost as if it's background music playing in ashopping center.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the New Design?

The DeluxPods Pro look very much like the original Deluxpods, only tweaked. The buds now have soft silcone eartips. The stems are shorter, too. In all, the Deluxpods Pro are about 30mm (1.22 inches) tall. Regular DeluxPods are 40mm (1.59 inches) tall.

Q: Do They Work With Any Device?

They should! The DeluxPodsPro can work as regular Bluetooth headphones with almost any other device. Start the pairing process by first ensuring that the AirPods are inside the charging case. Next, flip open the lid. Carefully turn the case around and locate the physical button on the back.

Press and hold the button down until the light on the front of the case starts blinking.

The AirPods Pro will remain in pairing mode until the charging case’s lid is closed.

Q: How Do you Pair DeluxPods with your Phone?

The seamless integration of the DeluxPods with iOS devices is Effortless. When you open the DeluxPods charging case for the first time and bring them near your unlocked iPhone, the Pairing screen appears, and all you have to do is tap on the Connect button to pair it with your iPhone.

Q: Can I use just one DeluxPod at a time? 

Yes, you can use just one DeluxPod at a time. Your iPhone will switch over to a mono mixdown so you hear both sides of any stereo audio.

Q: How Fast do DeluxPods Charge?

You can get 3 hours of listening time by charging your DeluxPods in the charging case for just 15 minutes.


DeluxPods Pro™

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